Solar system projects for kids


Solar system projects for kids
Science projects are conducted in all the schools. One of the important topics that the students can choose is the solar system. It is a very interesting topic where the students can display many activities. Some of the simple projects that the students can choose are model of the solar system, constellation and phases of the moon. Building a model of the solar system is very easy. Things needed to build this model are cardboard and some Styrofoam balls. A large circle is cut in the centre of the cardboard. The diameter of the circle should be about 24 inches approximately. A dot is made in the centre of the board for the sun. Styrofoam balls of different sizes are the nine planets. A paper clip is stuck at one end while the other end is stuck through the cardboard. This will give the students an idea about the sizes of different planets.
Constellations are easy to learn with the help of an activity. Group of stars that form a shape is called constellation. A simple project can be done using a sky map, flashlight, pencil and a compass. On a clear night, the student is asked to note the constellations in the sky and draw it in the poster board. The student is asked to note any number of constellations and draw them on the sky map. One can learn the different types of constellations that are formed in the sky. This can be shared among the other students.
Another interesting project is to display the phases of the moon. This can be demonstrated by using a lampshade, and a small ball. This will help the students to get a good picture of the solar system. The lamp shade is used as the sun, the ball is used as the moon and the student’s head represents the earth. The moon is moved slowly around the earth and the student is asked to observe the changes and note them in a paper.

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