Solar system lesson plans

Solar system lesson plans
Plan is very essential to complete any given task. One has to plan in order to complete the task on time. It saves energy, time and money. In schools teachers follow a schedule to complete the portions on time. There are different subjects that the students learn in schools. One of the difficult subjects is geography. This is difficult because it is not possible for the teachers to give an exact description of the solar system or the universe. The students have to imagine and learn the concepts. In order to feed these concepts in their little brains, the teachers should plan the lessons accordingly and give them some activities so that these concepts are fixed in their minds. The main objective of a good lesson is to improve the development of thinking and co operation skills.
The time required for each class is about 60 minutes. The total time taken to complete the lessons is about 3 hours. During the 60 minutes, the teacher gives an explanation of the solar system, conducts discussion at the end of the class and tests the student’s knowledge on the subject. Sometimes if there is excess time, the teacher even conducts some interactive activities by dividing the class into two groups. Activities like quiz, puzzles and games are conducted and prizes are given to the group that excels in the activity. This will encourage the students to learn more about the subject and also creates an interest to know more about the subject.

In the first session the teacher introduces the students to the basic concepts of the solar system. Discussion about the relative distance between each planet is taught in the second session. Characteristics of the planet, its functions, synthesis of concepts and facts of the gaseous planets are discussed in the third session. The above mentioned timings and sessions is for the primary class students. Plans vary for the high school students as the syllabus and the lessons vary in high school.

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