Solar system crafts for kids


Solar system crafts for kids
Science can be made easy when learned in an interactive way. Students find science difficult by relating them to formulas and equations. One of the difficult topics in science is the space. The concepts of space and solar system can be understood by the kids when taught in the way they understand. The best way that the kids understand these concepts is through doing some craft work. The purpose of giving a project to the student is easy understanding and make science easy so the age of the child and the supplies should be analyzed before assigning a project to the student .This is encouraged by all the schools. Before assigning the students a particular task, the teachers should give information about the topic to the students. The students are assigned a topic and asked either to prepare a model or do some activity.
The most common craft work that the students can be made to involve is to make a model of the solar system. The model is very easy to make. Things needed to make the model are styrofoam balls, clothes hanger, cardboard, glue and paint. The planets are painted before they are made mobile. Appropriate colors for the planets are given like black for mercury, red for Mars, sky blue for Uranus, Purple and gray for Pluto brown and yellow for Venus, Blue and green for Earth, Red, orange and yellow for Jupiter, brown and white for Saturn, navy and black for Saturn. The child will be able to learn different colors of the planets by painting them.

The planets are arranged by size from the smallest to the biggest. The order of the planets from small to big are Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun. The student will be able to differentiate the large and small planets in doing so. A hole is made in the centre of the ball and is made to hang over the hanger. In this way the planets are made mobile.

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